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Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Retired Navy SEAL

Marty Strong
Marty Strong Speaker

Marty Strong

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Retired Navy SEAL

Marty Strong has been a leader for decades, first in uniform as a combat-decorated Navy SEAL, and then in commercial business. Marty is a thought provoking writer, speaker, and guest expert with over 350 appearances on national cable TV and hundreds of radio and Podcast interviews to his credit. Marty is the author of Be Nimble – How the Creative Navy SEAL Mindset Wins on the Battlefield and in Business.


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What Industry is Saying:

“Marty Strong had great business advice to motivate our leaders and audience, inspiring strategic thought and action. He weaves in credible stories and examples, both from his Navy SEAL experiences and from his broad business leadership experiences to drive his points home. He is an engaging speaker, and I would bring him back to speak again every year!”

Thomas Priest

VP Sales Marketing and Innovation, Pratt Industries

“Be Nimble reads like a conversation with an old friend. However the old friend you’re connecting with is a highly accomplished business executive and decorated Navy SEAL. Marty’s message is simple – no matter what you’re faced with in business or in life – be strategic, adaptive, effective, and NEVER QUIT!”

Mike Goode

Senior Management , PRA Group (NASDAQ:PRAA)


Discover and Unleash the Warrior Within!

We practice obedience, compliant behaviors, and limit our potential for success by embracing risk mitigation. It’s time to break the rules!

Nimble Leadership

Lessons taken direct from the book Be Nimble: How the Navy SEAL Creative Mindset Wins on the Battlefield and in Business.

Mastering Disruption

How to leverage insight and intellectual humility to survive and then thrive in times of dynamic change and disruption.

Fast Forward Leadership

Don’t rest on your laurels or take counsel of your failures. Discover how to address dynamic threats and opportunities head on and win!


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Guest Topics

  • Dealing with asymmetrical threats in war and business
  • Leading through chaos, crisis and change in business and in life
  • The Navy SEAL leadership mindset
  • Why optimization and efficiency are the enemies of vision and strategy
  • Macro trends in business and how to leverage the change on the horizon
  • Leading through the challenges of internal or external disruption
  • How humility leads to creativity

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